Thoughtful Returns Management

Return Express

Your advantages

Flexible pick-up and delivery options
Customized digital registration and administration
Repatriation within 48-72 hours

Professional returns management is a crucial success factor in after-sales service. Therefore, we have reimagined the issue of returns for you – aiming to minimize inventory, ensure swift processing of warranty parts, and optimize goods receipt processes in warehouses. We ensure that your returns reach their originating sender quickly and traceably – or another designated return recipient.

Our RetourenExpress includes:

  • Return of exchange, replacement, repair, and disposal items to various recipients at the originating sender.
  • Pickup during the next delivery or a separate pickup for time-sensitive returns.
  • Continuous track & trace of returns.
  • Nationwide, Europe-wide returns from technician and dealer organizations, customers, and branches.
  • Transparent cost management.
  • Flexible weight and volume agreements.

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