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NachtExpress: The pinnacle of after-sales service.

nox holds a special position in the customer's value chain: Shipments picked up until early evening are available to the recipient on the next working day before the start of the workday. And this is without size and weight restrictions. 85% of the shipments reach their destination before 6 AM and are deposited where they are needed at the start of the workday – for example, in the trunk of a service technician or directly at the workplace. This applies even when they are picked up from a central warehouse in a European neighboring country.

Our customers benefit from this special type of delivery in various ways – ranging from optimized warehouse structures and lower capital binding costs to higher employee productivity. Above all, they score points with their customers because After Sales Service in NachtExpress provides the highest flexibility and short response times, even for large-volume and heavy parts.

Special industry solutions, individually agreed upon pickup and delivery times, as well as digital services and additional services, make our offering a tailored solution for your specific challenges.

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