Special Handling for Fragile Products

After-sales service for hospitals and other healthcare institutions involves very special requirements as to the flow of resources and materials.

Efficiency has to be combined with top quality and reliability as well as with the highest possible degree of flexibility. Therefore, we deliver the materials ordered to any pre-arranged drop-off spot, for example to the doorman, a clinic safe, the hospital ward, or right outside the operating room. This allows for efficient diagnostic processes and optimal use of the operating rooms.

We have developed special services for the healthcare industry to fulfil these requirements:

  • Faster delivery than conventional parcel services
  • No surcharges for delivery on Saturday
  • Flexible options (Nighttime Express, Daytime Express)
  • Efficiently planned return management with the option of sending return shipments directly to the correct department at the company, so that artificial joints, for example, can be made available again quickly
  • Pickup orders to transport goods between individual hospitals or clinics.

Even in case of late orders and pickup times, artificial joints, sterile surgical instruments, or highly sensitive replacement parts for high-tech medical equipment reach their destinations before 8 a.m. or before operations begin. Detailed delivery site management guarantees the highest degree of flexibility and smooth-running processes in clinical routines.

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