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The competitive advantage of after-sales service

After-sales service is crucial to profitability in the area of commercial vehicles. That makes it a decisive competitive factor, and one where delivery by Nighttime Express can give you a head start. The economy and consumer supplies are highly dependent on logistics, and thus on trucks being ready and able to operate, as the Covid pandemic once again showed. Supermarkets and warehouses can only be stocked if goods reach their destinations.
With Nighttime Express, we provide bespoke solutions for your commercial vehicles to keep your supply chain intact.

Even large-sized shipments or dangerous goods such as batteries reach their recipients before work begins on the next business day after they are picked up.

It does not matter whether small, unpackaged items, fragile car glass, or large products like motor blocks need to be transported.
Delivery of spare parts on a daily basis saves the workshops storage space, ties up less capital, and allows for optimal planning of repair jobs.

We provide a comprehensive return management system including end-to-end tracking & tracing in case too many or the wrong parts were ordered. We monitor all your shipments and send them right to where they are needed, for example to the shop floor or the customer service technician.

Parts are brought right to the shop without a receipt before work starts. You can choose delivery before 8 a.m, 7 a.m., or 6 a.m.

Would you like us to help you speed up your processes and reduce your stockpile? Request a personal quote today.
We would be glad to advise you and work out the perfect plan to fit your needs. We are looking forward to your contact with us.


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Every night, we transport up to 160,000 packages with around 2,600 vehicles – from vehicle spare parts to operating equipment and excavator shovels. More than 1,000 employees ensure that your assigned goods reach your destination safely and before the start of work.


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Our service package adapts to your specific requirements: We offer packaging solutions, arrange drop-off point management with you, organise hazardous goods transport or take your wishes into account when picking up and delivering.
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