No standstills during harvesting – 24/7 service for replacement parts

Broken-down equipment represents a huge risk for farmers. That is why replacement parts have to be available as soon as possible, especially during the harvest season, whether they are parts for tractors, choppers, or harvesters. And they have to be available seven days a week, including on Sundays and holidays. That is precisely why nox Nighttime Express developed a special service in cooperation with leading companies in the agricultural industry.

Delivery on seven days a week – our Weekend Service.

No matter whether it is a machine part or a ploughshare, your customers get their critically needed replacement parts before 8 a.m. the next morning – on any day of the week. To make the service complete, there are no restrictions on size or weight. That means we will ship a tiny sealing ring just the same as blades for your combine. The urgently needed parts are delivered to the service technician’s vehicle or directly to the farm, as you choose. Then they are ready and available right where they are needed before work begins.

Maximize the yield during harvesting.

To keep processes lean, we also ship parts from neighbouring European countries. Thanks to our integrated nox Nighttime Express network, we put our customers in the position of only needing one storehouse for many European countries. The smooth teamwork among our business sites and partners in various countries guarantees fast and reliable shipping. If your company operates several warehouses, we make sure your shipments are consolidated. That means your customers receive shipments from various locations or countries at once.

Would you like to speed up your processes and supply your customers with critically-needed repair parts more quickly – seven days a week? Request a personal quote today.

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Every night, we transport up to 160,000 packages with around 2,600 vehicles – from vehicle spare parts to operating equipment and excavator shovels. More than 1,000 employees ensure that your assigned goods reach your destination safely and before the start of work.


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Our service package adapts to your specific requirements: We offer packaging solutions, arrange drop-off point management with you, organise hazardous goods transport or take your wishes into account when picking up and delivering.
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