No downtime in the harvest – 24/7 service for spare parts.


Defective harvesting machinery poses a significant risk for farmers. Therefore, especially during the harvest season, spare parts must be available as quickly as possible, whether they are for tractors, harvesters, or combines. For this reason, nox, in collaboration with leading industry partners, has developed a special service.

Delivery seven days a week – our Weekend Service

Whether it's a machine part or a plowshare, your customers receive urgently needed spare parts before 8:00 AM the next morning – every day of the week. To complete the offer, there are no size or weight restrictions. This means we handle both small gaskets and blades for your combines. The urgently needed spare parts can be delivered either to the technician's service vehicle or directly to the farmer. This ensures that it is available exactly where it is needed before the start of work.

Maximizing yield during harvest

For efficient processes, we also pick up spare parts from neighboring European countries. Thanks to our integrated nox network, we enable our customers to operate a single warehouse for multiple European countries. The seamless collaboration between our country branches and partners ensures fast and reliable delivery. If your company operates multiple warehouses, we consolidate your shipments, delivering to your recipients simultaneously from different locations or countries.

Would you like to accelerate your processes with us and provide your recipients with urgently needed spare parts seven days a week? Request your personalized offer today! We are happy to advise you.