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A career in logistics is many-sided and fascinating. As one of the most important cross-sectoral branches, we are looking for employees in a wide range of fields from IT administrators to delivery drivers. We need software architects, controllers, purchasing agents, and HR specialists, as well as tender managers, insurance clerks, or personnel for cargo handling and scheduling.

People who are open to new ideas, who want to grow with us and create new things, will feel at home at nox.

We have made personal development a priority in our company.
Whether you’re interested in a training programme for a specific department or tailor-made courses for individual employees, we give everyone the opportunity to achieve their potential. We invest every bit as much in our team as we do in infrastructure, work equipment and IT.

We train people to fulfil our own in-house requirements. Our trainees and students are the employees of the future. This attitude is shared throughout the company: our managers permanently guide and support you in your development to help you realise your potential.

Our company is as diverse as the customers we serve. nox NightTimeExpress employs people from a range of national and educational backgrounds, with entry-level workers and seasoned professionals working side by side.

For all our diversity, we are united by our commitment to the leadership of NightTimeExpress’ Logistics.

We are looking to achieve further growth and develop our customer portfolio, and therefore continue to hire new staff.

We are looking for colleagues with …

creative drive – We offer tailor-made services to our customers. This means that it is always exciting for our employees. They can and should play a decisive role. There’s no “bog standard” with us.

Ambition – We enjoy a fast pace. We can’t stand still. We’re always on the move, learning and developing continuously – for our customers. Our employees are not satisfied with a place in midfield; they are winners.

Team spirit – Only united are we strong. Enthusiasm and trust are values we live by. Short decision paths, flat hierarchies and mutual appreciation characterise our cooperation.

Here is a sneak peek at our offers:

As a trainee and student, you are our future employees. This is why we will integrate you from the very first day onwards, look after you individually, and also give you an education outside the curriculum. Trainees of the nox NachtExpress receive a comprehensive training package. They can expect a comprehensive introductory event, communications and computer training courses, seaport and airport excursions and, if necessary, preparatory courses. Our goal is your successful qualification and for you to join our nox team.

If you have a school leaving certificate

With decent grades in your school leaving certificate, you can start as a specialist in courier, express and postal services. You will provide night-time work in our branches to ensure that our customers’ goods are sorted quickly and carefully into the right delivery routes. In addition, you will also learn about the commercial and administrative activities related to the transport of goods.
Your opportunity: If you do well, you can extend for another year and then become a courier, express and postal services clerk.
Current training places (link – bottom page now obsolete and not maintained)

If you have a vocational training extension certificate / secondary school certificate / GCSE equivalent

With your at least satisfactory school leaving certificate, you can start a business training course in one of four exciting professions with a future.
• Courier, express and postal services clerk
• Forwarding and logistics services clerk
• Office clerk
• IT specialist for system integration or application development

Current training post offers (link)

If you have a university entrance qualification (Abitur)

If you have successfully completed your A-levels or a general university entrance qualification and wish to enter your professional life straight away, you can apply for a commercial apprenticeship.
For those who are looking for that special challenge, nox NachtExpress offers a working student programme in cooperation with various universities after the training course. This means that you will be both studying and working at the same time on exciting projects in a wide range of specialist departments. This programme can take place in cooperation, for example, with

• FOM University of Economics & Management – University of Applied Sciences,
• EUFH European University of Applied Sciences
• Or possibly another university of your choice

Current training and study position offers (Link)

If you are looking for an internship

Are you a student and looking for a training internship? We offer taster traineeships for all our training programmes. Apply to us online with the usual documents as well as indicating the desired location and internship period. If the internship is fun and you are a match for us, you may already have your training position in the bag!
For students, we offer practical semesters / internships lasting at least three months in commercial fields in Mannheim and Langenfeld. You will be involved in exciting projects and can actively participate in processes. After your final qualification, your practical term could be your entry ticket to joining the nox team.

Application process for young professionals

In order to get the most accurate picture of you, your interests and abilities, we need your complete application documents, plus the following information:

  • Your desired training profession
  • Your preferred training location
  • Your e-mail address

Please send us your application, by e-mail only, to Possible file formats are: PDF, DOC and JPG. PDF, DOC and JPG. The total size of your e-mail application should not exceed 2 MB.

After your application, the procedure is as follows:

Immediately upon receipt of your application, you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt from us by e-mail. In the next step, our colleagues from the personnel department agree on an initial shortlist with the respective instructor.
If you are subsequently invited to a personal interview, you will get to know your instructor and nox NighttimeExpress better. During this interview, you will have the chance to present yourself personally and to ask questions about the training course and our company. We will also ask you questions about your wishes and your behaviour in everyday situations.
If this interview goes well from our point of view, you will receive your training contract and nox NighttimeExpress and further information for your start from your trainer. We look forward to meeting you!

Questions and answers about starting as a young professional

Can I shorten my training time?

Yes. We are happy to offer you the opportunity to do so. There are two ways to shorten the training period: You have obtained A-level equivalent or an advanced technical college certificate and have applied for commercial training. Then the training period is then shortened to 2.5 years.
You achieve a good average grade during training and show a high level of commitment. At the request of nox NachtExpress, the final examination can then be put forward by six months.
Both variants can be combined if this represents an advantage for your development.

I’m about to finish my training / school. When should I apply to you?

Our application process for all training posts starts every year on October 1 for the following year.

Will I get to know different departments during my training?

Yes, this forms a very important part of your training. In order to gain a comprehensive insight into the company and to be able to work in it, you will be able to work in a number of different departments during your training. In addition to your training plan, you will be immersed in new and exciting topical fields, which will help you understand the many facets of our company.

What are the chances of obtaining a job at nox NighttimeExpress after completing my training?

We invest in the future and train young people, ideally in order to take them on after their training or working student programme. The number of apprentices / trainees who are taken on in the course of each year and which departments they will be in also depends on personnel planning. Our aspiration and our goal is to always offer a permanent employment contract to as many apprentices as possible!

Is it possible to write a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis at nox NighttimeExpress, or in cooperation with nox?

Of course it is possible to write your thesis with us. In cooperation with the various departments, you can develop an individual topic and contribute your own ideas. We support you with the practical experience of proven professionals.

In order to get the most accurate picture of you, your interests and abilities, we need your complete application documents, plus the following information:

  • The desired position as well as the nox location
  • Your earliest possible starting date or the end of your notice period
  • Your salary expectations

Please send us your application by e-mail to Possible file formats are: PDF, DOC and JPG. PDF, DOC and JPG. The total size of your e-mail application should not exceed 2 MB.
Immediately upon receipt of your application, you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt from us by e-mail. In the next step, our colleagues from the personnel department will agree on an initial shortlist with the respective instructor.
We look forward to meeting you in person. During this interview, you will have the opportunity to get a first impression of nox NighttimeExpress as an employer, the department, colleagues and location.
If both your and our interest is strengthened during this initial meeting, you will have successfully completed the first hurdle and will be invited to a second interview. This way, both you and we can clarify outstanding issues.

When you receive your employment contract with nox NighttimeExpress and further information for your start from your contact person from our personnel department. Look forward to your first weeks.

Questions and answers on the application process

Can I only apply online?

Yes. An online application is an advantage for both you and us – applying is less effort for you and we can process your application more quickly.

Is it possible to apply for several jobs?

In principle, yes. Please state in your e-mail the number of the positions for which you wish to apply.

How long does the application process take?

The duration of the application process depends on a number of factors, such as how many applications are received by us for the advertised post. For this reason, we cannot make a general statement.

What are the most important selection criteria?

In addition to your professional qualifications and your professional experience, it is important for us that you as a person match the nox team and share our values.

Is it worth submitting an unsolicited application?

You have the greatest chances of success when you apply for a position that is currently being advertised. However, if your unsolicited application is so convincing that it arouses our curiosity, we look forward to meeting you personally.

Is every job offer on the homepage still open?

Our job offers are always up to date. We will immediately delete any job offer from our homepage as soon as we have found a suitable candidate. Until then you can apply – no matter what the date of the offer.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Contact details are provided in each job offer If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the respective contact person.

Looking for a new career challenge?

You can see our current job offers here:

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If there is currently no suitable job offer for you, we look forward to your unsolicited application!
Please apply by e-mail to

Looking for a new career challenge?

New job offers will be published here shortly. Feel free to check back in the next few days.

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