Sustainability and Quality

Responsibility for a liveable future

As a specialist for Nightime Express shipping, we make use of resources. That means we play a role in emissions, energy consumption, and waste production. We are well aware of this responsibility and have therefore set a clear goal: we want to conserve resources and minimize our carbon footprint as much as possible.

To reach this goal, we have analysed our processes critically. Use of gas heating in many depots and hubs has lessened CO2 emissions. Modern LED lighting reduces energy consumption. Most of the vehicles in our fleet conform to the Euro 5 exhaust emission standard.

Certified Quality

Reliable logistics solutions require a high degree of diligence, quality awareness, and risk management. Therefore, we build on a holistic and process-oriented approach to quality management, environmental protection, health protection, and work safety. This helps us analyse and improve services and products in a sustainable way. This is done through internal audits and management reviews, as well as through certification, for example according to DIN EN ISO 14001. The extent to which we live up to these values can be seen, for example, in that our quality management has been certified according to ISO 9001 since as early as 1994.

Our IMS principles can be found here.

Customer satisfaction plays a central role in quality management. And for us, this starts with order acceptance. Thus there is no central call centre at nox NightTimeExpress. In more than 20 branches, there are decentralised and customer-oriented permanent customer service employees. These are the contact persons for day-to-day operations and supervise quality assurance. For key customers, dedicated key account managers, who are experts in their own field, also maintain customer contact.



About us

Every night, we transport up to 160,000 packages with around 2,600 vehicles – from vehicle spare parts to operating equipment and excavator shovels. More than 1,000 employees ensure that your assigned goods reach your destination safely and before the start of work.


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Our service package adapts to your specific requirements: We offer packaging solutions, arrange drop-off point management with you, organise hazardous goods transport or take your wishes into account when picking up and delivering.
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