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Nina has decided to continue her career at nox Nighttime Express and join the Business Excellence & Sustainability team. In this interview, she explains why she choose an apprenticeship in logistics and in particular at nox, and what she wants to achieve now.




Nina, why did you decide on occupational training in “business administration for courier, express, and postal services”?  

In the spring of 2019, I had already finished an internship at the site in Groß-Gerau and I had very quickly seen that I wanted to learn more about the work and processes involved. Moreover, this wasn’t my first encounter with logistics. Volunteer work at other companies had given me a chance to gain a bit of experience, and my family is also involved in this branch.

So I was sure that I wanted to start off on a similar career, and nox Nighttime Express gave me the opportunity to do that.

What makes logistics fascinating for you?

The logistics sector offers a lot of variety. It covers a broad range in many ways, from the career outlook through the various services and areas of responsibility.

Personally, I also find it very exciting to see how this area of business is constantly growing and gaining importance.

What led you to choose your current field of Business Excellence & Sustainability?

During my apprenticeship I was able to become acquainted with many departments and their interactions. Thanks to my supervisor, Lena Rodefeld, I was able to gain some first impressions of the field of Business Excellence & Sustainability.

Here I have the opportunity to be involved with many very different topics that interest me personally very much. So I’m looking forward to gaining more expertise in this area as well as developing personally.

One last question:
What do you personally want to achieve at nox?

As Junior Manager in Business Excellence & Sustainability I’m open to working on various projects in the future.

Furthermore, I think it is important to deal with emerging issues and to enhance transparency so as to contribute to corporate culture and a good working climate.


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