10th German Diversity Day

International cookbook published for the 10th German Diversity Day on 31 May 2022.

Expanding your horizon and getting to know new things – Innight Express Germany made that possible for their employees with a new project. The European leader in overnight express shipment put together a cookbook with over 40 dishes from various countries and regions to celebrate Diversity Day. The cookbook with recipes for starters, soups, main courses, and desserts was created together with the employees. They submitted their favourite recipes, and a selection of them was chosen for publishing.

“Logistics is international and that’s true for Innight Express Germany, too. That is why we are consciously committed to diversity and want to further it over the long term. The idea for the cookbook came up because we think that cooking brings people together and also shows diversity,” explained Lena Rodefeld, Head of Business Excellence and Sustainability. “That’s why it was important to us to get cooking ideas from colleagues from Asia and Africa, for instance, as well as European recipes. It also shows how many different countries our employees come from and at the same time proves how enriching this is.”

All the employees received a copy of the cookbook on the 10th German diversity day.

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