nox NachtExpress Signs Diversity Charta

In signing the Diversity Charta, nox Nighttime Express has taken a further important step in strengthening the company’s diversity. At the same time, the company commits itself to fostering a corporate culture that is shaped by respect and mutual esteem, valuing all employees equally, and appreciating their diversity. In this way, attention is paid to each employee’s potential, and it can be utilized in the best possible way.

This is already the case, as many examples show. People from various national and cultural backgrounds work in the whole range of areas and at all levels at nox Nighttime Express. Long-term unemployed and persons with disabilities are fostered, as are career changers who bring their experience from other areas of work. Women in management positions and various part-time employment models are a matter of course at the European market leader in nighttime express service.

“Logistics is international and links people across national borders, and also across cultural borders,” according to Donald Pilz, CEO of nox Nighttime Express. “Therefore, it is unquestionable for us that this diversity also has a place in our company and that we further it. That is why we want to emphasize and enhance the importance of diversity as an issue in our company and have decided to sign the Diversity Charta as a visible sign of our commitment.”

In the future, nox Nighttime Express will also regularly report on activities and progress in regard to supporting diversity and respect inside and outside the company. We will inform our employees about the value of diversity and involve them in implementing the Charta.

“We are convinced that only a company that is defined by diversity can be successful in a lasting and sustainable way. And we are already living exactly this kind of diversity today,” Donald Pilz stated.

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